Strasbourg, France

Before my weekend with the Becker family in Heidelberg, I did not know that Strasbourg, France was going to be in the itinerary.  When we sat down and talked about the next days’ plans, Strasbourg came up and I was not about to say no!  It would continue our French city tradition after my last … More Strasbourg, France

Heidelberg, Germany

I had so much nostalgia while writing this post because so many new memories were made in my favorite German city.  The story began three years ago when I visited Heidelberg with a group from my high school.  Lenape Valley teamed with Walldorf Gymnasium for an exchange program where we met the lovely Hannah and … More Heidelberg, Germany

Budapest, Hungary

My abroad program gave us 2 weeks for our spring break, so I spent the first week with Jeff and the second with my family.  With Jeff, I traveled to Munich, Salzburg, and Budapest.  I traveled with my family to Budapest, Prague, and finally Salzburg again.  As a result, I spent a total of 6 … More Budapest, Hungary

Vienna, Austria

My study abroad program organizes several excursions throughout the semester, one of them being Vienna, the capital of Austria.  Because of this, the weekend was a much-needed break from booking hostels, finding transportation, etc. Upon arrival, I was extremely surprised at the enormous size of Vienna, considering the other quaint cities in the country.  Although the … More Vienna, Austria

Venice, Italy

Oh. My. Goodness.  I am very surprised that I actually came back from Venice this past weekend.  It was extremely difficult to tear myself away from the endless supply of pizza and gelato, but with a lot of effort, I am back in Salzburg. I had the pleasure of travelling with my lovely friends Blake, … More Venice, Italy

Munich, Germany

When my friend, Meghan, told me that she needed to get her Austrian visa in Munich, we decided to make a weekend out of it.  We took an insanely early bus (I rode my bike in a 4 am ice storm…) and got to Munich before most people started their day.  Once the nitty gritty … More Munich, Germany

Salzburg, Austria

My first two weeks in Salzburg have been nothing but wonderful!  I am gradually getting to see the well-known tourist sites (many of which I accidentally stumble upon).  I have also seen much of Salzburg’s residential life and culture, both of which I find fascinating.  I love walking out of my apartment every morning to … More Salzburg, Austria