Linz, Austria

I wrote this post long after my semester abroad, but am going back because it is one of those spontaneous trips I could not overlook.  I wrote about all of my adventures that I planned and looked forward to, but failed to recognize the magic behind the days where I hopped on a train and … More Linz, Austria

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck was a day trip planned by my study abroad program, so it was a nice break from researching trains, hostels, etc.  The week leading up to this trip was quite funny because I kept on thinking, “Oh I’m not going anywhere this weekend,” just because I wasn’t going to another country.  Because of this, … More Innsbruck, Austria

Vienna, Austria

My study abroad program organizes several excursions throughout the semester, one of them being Vienna, the capital of Austria.  Because of this, the weekend was a much-needed break from booking hostels, finding transportation, etc. Upon arrival, I was extremely surprised at the enormous size of Vienna, considering the other quaint cities in the country.  Although the … More Vienna, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

My first two weeks in Salzburg have been nothing but wonderful!  I am gradually getting to see the well-known tourist sites (many of which I accidentally stumble upon).  I have also seen much of Salzburg’s residential life and culture, both of which I find fascinating.  I love walking out of my apartment every morning to … More Salzburg, Austria