Linz, Austria

I wrote this post long after my semester abroad, but am going back because it is one of those spontaneous trips I could not overlook.  I wrote about all of my adventures that I planned and looked forward to, but failed to recognize the magic behind the days where I hopped on a train and just went somewhere.

Linz had very picturesque side streets
The buildings had a nice pastel tint to them which would have stood out nicely had it been sunny

It all started after our early morning “Heroism in Literature” class when the lovely Joanna Parrish suggested we go on an adventure.  We had nothing else planned for the rest of the day when Linz and Graz, two cities in Austria, came up in discussion.  Within 2 minutes, we had already checked the time tables and chosen Linz kind of out of a flip of a coin.  So we literally ran to the bus to the train station and pretty soon, we were on our way to a city we knew nothing about.

Introducing my friend Joanna!!

The only thing on our Linz bucket list was to get last-minute Austria souvenirs because the end of the semester was looming ahead and neither of us had really taken time to get cool things from the country we were staying in the longest such as a cookbook of traditional recipes.


The day consisted of winding through the various parks and streets, eventually taking us in a loop back to the train station.  In that time, we had a blast doing whatever we wanted to do with no guilt about having to see any famous landmarks.  We did some shopping and ended up at the Danube River.

The Maibaum (“May pole”) raised each year in a traditional festival on May 1st

At the Danube, we crossed the bridge and admired the rolling hills which was vastly different than the majestic Alps of Salzburg.  We could see farms in the distance and it was neat knowing that the Czech border was only a few miles away!  Around us, cars bustled past, students rode their bikes to class, and life generally moved around us.

Alongside the Danube River
I wish I was on the other side of this view from Poestlingberg!


Linz was a fun day trip from Salzburg where we could explore without guilt of having to check off famous sites.  We enjoyed the relaxed environment of the various parks and seeing “the daily grind” for the people living there.  Overall, Joanna and I had a wonderful time being spontaneous and exploring sides of Austria we had never seen.


Good Eats

For the whole day, Joanna and I were in search of the famous Linzer Torte.  We felt that because we were in Linz, it is our obligation to try the city’s namesake dessert.  Oddly enough, we had a very difficult time finding the cake, asking at each bakery we went to.  We did finally find one though!


Want to Visit Linz?

  • Linz is a wonderful little city, but if you are in Austria for only a small amount of time, Vienna, Salzburg, and the Alps should be your priority.
  • We did not get a chance to see Pöstlingberg, a beautiful church overlooking the city, but I have heard it is quite neat!

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