Rijeka, Croatia

A few of my friends and I got together to plan some sort of tropical beach trip as a “last hurrah” before heading back to the States.  We originally met with Greece in mind, but found the plane tickets to be a little crazy and started exploring Croatia.  In no time flat, we found a small port town in the north with a great Air BnB with the beach only a 2 minute walk away.  And it was perfect!

I had the pleasure of travelling with these lovely ladies!
The view from our beach

The purpose of this long weekend was to sit on the beach and do nothing, and that is exactly what we did!  After four nights, we basically forgot about everything hanging over our heads (such as papers that must get done instead of writing this blog).  Although we went into town for some basic sightseeing and food, the majority of our time was spent laying on the beach.

I bought a plant here which I forgot about until I just looked at this picture… (Just checked and it looks quite dead)


So Rijeka is not too known for its beaches, as there were only very short stretches of shore scattered along the city, but I MUST talk about our little beach.  The entrance was literally just across the street and down some steps.  Our little stretch was about half the size of half of a football field and was surrounded by a giant rock cliff on all sides.  There were large rocks in the water to sit on and jump off of as well.  I was actually surprised that I liked the rocky beach, but we did not have sand all over at the end of the day.  Besides, skipping rocks was a popular activity.  (I personally witnessed Becky get 7 skips!!)

The water was unbelievably clear!


From left to right- Meghan from Colorado, Kara from Georgia/Texas, me, and Becky from Indiana


Proof that I went in the water- even if it was only for 20 seconds

By far my favorite memory of this trip was sitting on the beach and watching the sunsets.  It would be a two hour event consisting of listening to music, talking, and just enjoying the view.  The colors were absolutely gorgeous and varied each night- sometimes oranges and reds, other times pinks and purples.  Also in the view was a large dock that was constantly loading and unloading crates from a giant ship.




Another interesting aspect of this trip was the return journey.  I can definitely see a significant difference between our first trips and now because we took unexpected transportation difficulties with the poise of experienced travelers.  To start, our Schnellzug (fast train) turned out to be a 4 hour bus ride due to track difficulties, causing us to miss our later connections (which thankfully were actual trains once we got there).  At one point, our bus driver took a smoke break on the side of a dirt road in Croatia and we just rolled with it.  We can now handle anything that comes our way.

Travelling with three photographers is always a good idea


I am a firm believer that the people that you travel with make or break a trip, and I am so blessed to have such a great group of friends whom I not only feel comfortable with, but also have an absolute blast with!  We loved having our own little beach just across the street and having no set-in-stone plans.  Also, we had some pretty awesome Italian food which is always a plus.


Good Eats

Honestly, the best Italian food that I have had this trip was in Rijeka.  This was a huge pastry street stand!
Like seriously, this gnocchi was the size of golf balls…

Want to Visit Rijeka?

  • If you are travelling all the way from the US to go to the Croatian beaches, go to Split or Dubrovnik instead. We LOVED Rijeka, but it is a small port town with pebble beaches, which may not be popular for people looking for a faraway tropical setting.
  • Just take a taxi- On our way back home, we had a taxi called, had larger bags, and a 12 minute ride, so we were expecting the worst and ended up paying an equivalent of $4 in total. Dead serious.

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