Strasbourg, France

Before my weekend with the Becker family in Heidelberg, I did not know that Strasbourg, France was going to be in the itinerary.  When we sat down and talked about the next days’ plans, Strasbourg came up and I was not about to say no!  It would continue our French city tradition after my last visit’s Paris trip!  Even with two hours of train travel to and from the French border, Strasbourg was a very easy and relaxing daytrip.

There’s no way this place is actually real

If you look at a map, Strasbourg is literally the first French city after crossing over from Germany.  Even with this, I was wildly surprised at the sudden change in architecture and atmosphere of the city.  Germany was well within walking distance and you would think you were smack in the middle of France.  As you can see from my pictures, there was no German influence to be seen!  Regardless, I spoke German while visiting because I figured people would be more receptive of a language that was spoken two miles away, but that was unfortunately not always the case.  Good thing I had Hannah to translate (Yes, she knows French too…)

Thanks to Hannah for ordering the food for us!!

Hannah and I’s day consisted of wandering the very picturesque streets, taking a boat tour, and eating French food (eclairs included!).  Our first stop was the sprawling St. Stephen’s Cathedral where we climbed up to the top overlook and saw the most impressive views of the city.  Afterwards, we checked out the astronomical clock inside the church which was pretty cool except for the half hour video that you had to sit through before it went off.  Now we know.

The astronomical clock


By far my favorite part was visiting La Petite France, the equivalent of the Old City where the narrow streets are lined with Tudor style-looking houses.  There was a river that split the city into sections and gave way to very pretty walks.  The boat tour we took definitely had some great viewpoints and took us straight through the center of the Old City.  I could not help but keep on taking pictures!

La Petite France was my favorite part of the day


Strasbourg was such a cool day trip because it was so different than the more eastern European countries that I have been visiting this semester.  I very much enjoyed the quaint French architecture and loved the relaxed feeling of wandering the pretty streets without the feeling of having to find “must-see” sites.  Unfortunately we encountered a lot of sassy shopkeepers and waiters, but we just went about our day thanking God that we were gifted with friendly personalities.


Good Eats

A tarte flambee, a crisp and thin crust with a creamy topping
There were so many fun pastry shops to choose from!

Want to Visit Strasbourg?

  • You can easily see Strasbourg in a day with time to spare.
  • Don’t let unfriendly people get you down and know that there’s literally nothing you can do to prevent this except by being French.
  • Now having visited both Paris and Strasbourg, I would say see Paris first because there are of course more world-famous sites. But if you have time in your trip, take a day to see Strasbourg because it is much more relaxed and shows a lesser-seen side of France.

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