My Favorites: Food

By far the best part about travelling somewhere new is trying out the local cuisine!  I am getting hungry just thinking back to these meals…  After going somewhere, I try to recreate my favorite foods at home and sometimes they turn out great!  But I think the most special thing about these meals is the … More My Favorites: Food

The Beaches, Thailand

The beaches were quite the change from our time in Bangkok and we were definitely ready for a relaxing 3 days.  There were plenty of destinations to choose from, from the party-all-night Phi Phi Islands, to the scuba paradise of Ko Lanta, and everything in between.  We found an awesome hostel in Ao Nang, outside … More The Beaches, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Many people have asked why I decided to go to Thailand and I am here to fill you in.  After four adventure-filled months in Europe, I was bit by the so-called “travel bug” and spent my summer making fake itineraries for trips to bizarre places.  One day in August, I became very motivated and decided … More Bangkok, Thailand


I don’t mean to be the boy who cried wolf, but holy cow I think Liechtenstein was my favorite trip of this semester.  Back in January, I vowed to stop in the country purely for kicks and giggles, but recently decided to stay for longer than a day to thoroughly explore.  If you have never … More Liechtenstein

Linz, Austria

I wrote this post long after my semester abroad, but am going back because it is one of those spontaneous trips I could not overlook.  I wrote about all of my adventures that I planned and looked forward to, but failed to recognize the magic behind the days where I hopped on a train and … More Linz, Austria

Rijeka, Croatia

A few of my friends and I got together to plan some sort of tropical beach trip as a “last hurrah” before heading back to the States.  We originally met with Greece in mind, but found the plane tickets to be a little crazy and started exploring Croatia.  In no time flat, we found a … More Rijeka, Croatia

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck was a day trip planned by my study abroad program, so it was a nice break from researching trains, hostels, etc.  The week leading up to this trip was quite funny because I kept on thinking, “Oh I’m not going anywhere this weekend,” just because I wasn’t going to another country.  Because of this, … More Innsbruck, Austria